The event will be held on the 1st of June, Saturday, at the Skye Golf Club golf course. Sponsers will be the leading range finder suppliers.

As a prominent institution in the area, Skye Golf Club constantly donates part of its proceeds to local charities and institutions, especially those focusing on the youth and mid range iron playing handicappers. This annual weekend fundraiser, usually done at the start of the summer holidays, is another one of the golf club’s efforts at further investing in the country’s future generation.

This is because the club’s owners and its members know how important recreational activities are to ensure that kids grow up to be well-rounded adults. However, not everyone is as fortunate as others, which is why the club started this annual tradition.

There are two major events for this fundraiser: one being a small tournament and another which comes in the form of a raffle.

The Tournament

This is simply a casual tournament where interested players can take the day off to play golf with fellow enthusiasts while contributing to the community. A maximum of 30 players is asked to pay a fee of $50, all of which will go to the local youth center as the club’s donation. However, the winner of the tournament won’t go home empty-handed.

The winner of this mini-tournament will go home with the grand prize of a brand new set of golf clubs, the Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Club Set worth $500, and a trophy indicating him as this year’s winner.

Meanwhile, the runner-up will get a $200 gift certificate to the club’s Pro Shop. All the prizes in the tournament were also donated by fellow club members.

The Raffle

Members who wish to contribute but aren’t really in the mood to play golf can join the raffle instead. Each ticket costs $10, and unlike the tournament, there is no limit to the number of purchases. Moreover, even non-members can join the raffle, hence the more, the merrier. Again, all proceeds from this raffle will go to the local youth center.

There are 3 prizes waiting for the lucky winners: a grand prize, 1st runner-up prize, and 2nd runner-up prize. Each winner is drawn randomly, so buying more tickets will increase your chances of winning! Not only will you win a prize, but you’ll also get to contribute to a good cause.

Prizes are as follows:

  • Grand Prize: 1-year membership at Skye Golf Club
  • 1st Runner-Up Prize: 6-months membership at Skye Golf Club
  • 2nd Runner-Up Prize: 3-months membership at Skye Golf Club

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