The men’s league tournament is a standard match play tournament played in teams of two. There must be 12 teams consisting of two expertly-reviewed players each for a total of 24 players competing. To enter, a player must have a partner with a large driver and pay the joining fee of $45 per team.

The tournament will be held every Wednesday at 5:30 PM, with the first match being held on the 5th of June and the last on the 14th of August with the garden professionals on hand to watch.

The rules are quite simple. Since this is a team tournament, anyone who wishes to join requires a partner, with partner A having the lower handicap and partner B having the higher handicap. Partner A will go against the opposing team’s Partner A, while Partner B will go against the other team’s Partner B.

Like in standard match plays, the team’s total for the hole will be compared against the opposing team’s total score, with the team having the lower score winning the point for that hole.

At the end of all 9 holes, all points will be added up, and the team whose sum is higher will be considered the winning team. The winning team will receive the grand prize of $1,000, and each member of the winning team gets a trophy.

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